WATCH: Nobody in MLB history has hit 19 home runs quicker than Gary Sanchez

Since Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez was recalled from the minors in time for August 2, a familiar refrain has been "Sanchez hit yet another home run. Wow!" Or some derivative thereof.

Well, it's happened again. Sanchez went deep for a three-run shot on Wednesday in Tropicana Field.

That was his 18th home run in 45 career games. Sanchez wasn't done either, because later in the game he hit his 19th home run of the season. So we're at 19 through 45 games to start his career.

Does this sound ridiculous? Yeah, I'd say so. It's also the most ever. Via play index, here are the most home runs ever hit in a player's first 45 career games:

1. Sanchez, 19
2. Wally Berger, 17
3. Wally Joyner, 16
3. Jose Abreu, 16
5. Kevin Maas, 15
5. Zeke Bonura, 15
7. Albert Pujols, 14
7. Mike Jacobs, 14
7. Sam Horn, 14
7. Ryan Braun, 14

Sanchez broke the record on his first homer of the night and ended up tacking on another for good measure.

That list is a mixed bag, no? Some players went on to become great career power hitters. There's one all-time great and at least one flash in the proverbial pan.

Quite a start for Sanchez. We'll see how he fares moving forward, but no one can change he's had the best homer-hitting start to a career in history.

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