WATCH: One of the worst or best ceremonial first pitches you'll ever see for White Sox vs. Royals

Prior to the actual first pitch of Tuesday night's Royals-White Sox game in Chicago (KC-CHW GameTracker), a young lady sized the cowhide for the ceremonial first toss and then worked a baseball miracle. 

Shield thine eyes, then have a look: 

All right. Whoever this honored guest is, she now finds herself in the company of 50 Cent, among others. Shall we sum up the pitch you see above in a single screengrab? People we shall: 


Look, there are two kinds of acceptable ways a ceremonial first pitch can go. One is when the author of said pitch boxes it with surprising velo. The second, arguably superior way is something akin to the low-grade calamity you see above. So this one is fully in keeping with industry best practices. Head on a swivel next time, Mr. Photog. And speaking of him: 

Man and implement are healthy, if harrowed. 

Anyhow, some further relevant content: 

And please note the scars of righteous combat: 

The blood of a camera, is what that is. 

Madame First Pitch of Chicago, U.S.A.? You own the night. 

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