WATCH: Pirates' Tony Sanchez makes catch, risks life and limb

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It wasn't a particularly close game between the Padres and Pirates on Thursday, but it was a big one for the contending Buccos. Cather Tony Sanchez played as such, especially on this death-defying snare of a pop-up ... 

That is called "pursuing a struck ball with a perilous sense of mission." 

It so happens that our man Scott Miller is at PNC Park in advance of the big weekend series between the Reds and Pirates, and he was in the scrum when Sanchez addressed reporters after the game. So, courtesy of Scott, here are a few choice quotes from Sanchez on what might be the play of the year ... 

- On the Padres not exactly rushing to prevent him from falling: "I don’t blame them for not catching me. It’s not their fault. I’m sure they tried. I’m not a 100-pound woman. I’m a 230-pound catcher with gear and metal cleats. Who’s going to get in the way of that? I wouldn’t have."

- On the appreciation of his peers: "Guys were coming to the plate saying that was the best catch they’ve ever seen. [Padres catcher Nick] Hundley, when he was grabbing me, said ‘Wow, you made a great play.'"

- On the after-effects: "That’s the closest I’ve come to being dazed, ever. I’m looking at Hundley thinking, 'Who is this guy?'"

- On his staying in the game: "Neil Walker asked me, 'Are you going to stay in the game?' I was like, 'Yeah, dude.' … I’m not coming out of a game when the crowd’s giving you a standing ovation."

Nifty glove-work, young Mr. Sanchez. 

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