WATCH: Rays dupe Uribe; Angel Hernandez actually makes good call

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Rays! Dodgers! Baseball intrigue!

The Fox broadcast team is calling it a hidden-ball trick, but I'd say it's more a case of "sneaking the ball around the horn while the runner isn't paying attention." Call it whatever you like, but most of all call it something other than Juan Uribe's finest moment ...

I've always considered the hidden-ball trick to entail pretending not to have the ball. One can't really do much in the way of pretending when the runner isn't even paying attention. So, yes, I'm going with "double-secret around-the-horn espionage maximum excelsior!"

Of course, the greatest miracle of all is that Angel Hernandez did a darn good job of adjudicating the whole thing.

As for the fallout, Adrian Gonzalez certainly seems to think it's funnier than Uribe does ...

Yes, the Dodgers won again.

(Wink of CBS eye: @kenleyjansen74)

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