WATCH: The five coolest features revealed in the new 'MLB The Show 17' trailer

On Saturday, the first official trailer for the video game MLB The Show 17 hit the internet. Sony has the exclusive license for MLB video games, so while they're the only game in town, they make an incredible product. The Show is the best sports game on the market, in my opinion.

Here's the first trailer for MLB The Show 17.

As always, lots of pretty cool new stuff was revealed during the trailer. Here are the five best:

1. Enhanced story mode.

It appears the "Road To The Show" mode, in which the user can start their own career and work their way from the draft to the Hall of Fame, has been enhanced with a story mode. In previous versions, all interactions were menu based. Now there are cutaway scenes.

2. The Red Sox outfield dance.

Following each win in 2016, the three Red Sox outfielders got together and did a little dance in center field. By the end of the season Mookie Betts was taking requests from fans on Twitter, which led to him doing the "The Carlton" from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air:

The outfield dance has made its way into The Show. Not one, but two separate dances were shown in the trailer, so there is some nice variety. Here's one of the two:

3. New retro ballparks.

MLB The Show 2016 included six old-school ballparks, including the Polo Grounds and Crosley Field. MLB The Show 17 features some more recent retro ballparks, such as the old Yankee Stadium.

4. Even more advanced stats.

Last year The Show added several sabermetric stats, including WAR and FIP and things like that. It appears next year's version will include a Statcast-esque package with baserunning (and fielding?) metrics. Here's a screen grab from the trailer:

5. Retro mode!

Not only are more retro ballparks available, there's an entire retro mode. Check it out:

Goose Gossage pitching to cover boy Ken Griffey Jr. in The Show? Awesome. Just awesome.

MLB The Show 17 is scheduled to released on March 28, 2017. It is available on Playstation 4 only.

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