WATCH: The Last time an MLB team won 20 in a row, it became the climax of a movie

The Cleveland Indians won their 20th straight game on Tuesday night, a feat that ties the American League record and is only the second time since 1936 any team has won 20 in a row. 

Twenty in a row. 

Just to say it sounds absurd. It has happened, though. 

The last time it happened, it came with a touch more drama than we saw in the Indians' 2-0 victory on Tuesday. This isn't to take anything away from the Indians' 2-0 win. Not at all. Corey Kluber getting the shutout and leaving no doubt was rather fitting. 

No, instead I just wanted to take a trip down memory lane. The only other team to win 20 in a row since 1936 was the 2002 Oakland Athletics

The A's 20th straight win was extraordinary. They jumped out to an 11-0 lead through just three innings. The visiting Royals would score five in the fourth, but it was still 11-5 heading into the eighth. The Royals would get five more to make it 11-10. A's closer Billy Koch would cough up the lead in the ninth on a two-out, RBI single from Luis Alicea (Kit Pellow scored the tying run, for any hard-core trivia enthusiasts). 

So it was tied, 11-11, heading to the bottom of the ninth after the A's had an 11-0 lead. 

With one out in the bottom of the ninth, Scott Hatteberg would pinch hit for Eric Byrnes and ...


That was actually the A's third consecutive walk-off win, too. Amazing. 

The dramatics ended up on the big screen several years later with Chris Pratt playing Hatteberg (and, of course, Brad Pitt in the role of A's boss Billy Beane). 

Here's the movie version: 

I'm always going to prefer the real-life version to the movie one, but that's still a pretty-well-done scene for a baseball movie. 

Maybe the Indians will get a similar movie moment about the 2017 club at some point? 

Regardless, this is one hell of a run. It might not even be over, either. They could keep running this thing up into the mid- or high-20s. 

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