Can we call this the biggest hit of Tim Tebow's baseball career to this point? Given the situation, probably.

The former Heisman Trophy winner and NFL quarterback continues his attempt at a major-league career by playing in the Arizona Fall League. On Monday night, the Mets hopeful came through for his team in a big way with a walk-off single.

Thanks to Kyle Glaser, here's the video footage:

Tebow stayed back and took the outside pitch right down the third-base line, following the advice of Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson. Via the New York Daily News:

"The whole day they had been throwing me outside fastballs and they had the shift on a little bit, and Mr. Jackson was just talking about letting it get deep and going with it," Tebow said. "So first pitch tried to let it get deep and hit it opposite way, especially when they play you for a pull."

Tebow is now hitting .146/.205/.171 with one double, one steal, two RBI, two runs and 13 strikeouts in 44 plate appearances.

Given that the AFL houses the best prospects in baseball and he hadn't played baseball in 12 years -- and even then, it was high school -- Tebow's overall struggles aren't surprising. He'll need to start taking steps forward next spring in order to have any hope to ever play in the bigs, though, since he's 29 years old.

And, hey, good for him on the walk-off. That had to feel pretty awesome.