WATCH: Yoenis Cespedes makes shortstop throw from left field to nab baserunner

Regardless of your rooting allegiance, we can all agree on this: New York Mets outfielder Yoenis Cespedes is one of the most stylish ballplayers around. Cespedes makes the game fun, whether he’s hitting long home runs, or throwing out runners, or doing whatever else one can possibly do on a baseball field. 

Take a play from Sunday’s exhibition game against the Miami Marlins. Cespedes fielded a Brian Anderson single and took exception to Anderson’s advancement attempt. But Cespedes didn’t throw to second base like an outfielder -- oh no, he threw it sidearm, like an infielder:

Obviously, Cespedes’ throw was in part due to necessity -- his momentum was taking him toward foul territory. But still, consider this proof that necessity doesn’t have to be boring -- sometimes it’s pretty cool.

As for Anderson, he shouldn’t feel too bad. Cespedes recorded nine assists last season, and has accumulated 57 over his first five years in the majors. This is just what Cespedes does when confronted with greed.  

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