Werth says his grandfather Ducky Schofield was robbed of WS ring

MIAMI -- Ducky Schofield, the grandfather of Nationals star Jayson Werth, lost his 1960 World Series ring in a break-in at his Springfield, Ill. house, Werth said.

Schofield, an infielder who batted .333 during the 1960 season and the 1960 World Series (1-for-3 in the Series) for the victorious Pirates in one of the most dramatic World Series ever, was surely startled to lose his prized ring in such a manner.

"We'll get it back,'' Werth said. "If not, we'll get a replica.''

Schofield, 78, played in the majors as an infielder from 1953-71. He lost his wife, Donna, Jayson's grandmother, in the fall.

Ducky's son, Dick, was a major-leaguer infielder for parts of 14 seasons, primarily for the Angels in the 1980s.

Werth, who grew up in Springfield and lived there until recently, wasn't too happy to see his grandfather lose his cherished ring. Werth's own World Series ring, from the 2008 Phillies, is already locked in a safe-deposit box. But then, Werth lives in the Washington area. He doesn't live in such a safe place as Springfield.

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