White Sox infielder changes his name, becomes baseball's first 'Yolmer'

Not since Kendry Morales became Kendrys Morales and Keith Hernandez became Julian L’Fondue has baseball been this shaken by a name change.

Carlos Sanchez, who owns a .590 OPS across parts of three seasons for the White Sox? He is no more. In his place is Yolmer Sanchez.

Since his full name is indeed Yolmer Carlos Javier Sanchez Yanez, the choice makes a bit of sense. Also, regard these deets from Colleen Kane of the Chicago Tribune:

But he liked the idea of taking his first name, one he feels is unique. A search of the name Yolmer on the statistics site baseball-reference.com brings up only Sanchez.

You gotta #respect that. A search for “Carlos Sanchez” brings up only the baseball-ist question among major-leaguers. There are, however, 12 minor-leaguers who go by that particular appellation. So, yes, “Yolmer” is far more exclusive. 

In any event, the freshly minted Yolmer is heading into his age-25 season, and this spring he’ll working to crack the roster as a utility infielder. 

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