White Sox manager Tony La Russa has agreed to plea guilty to charges resulting from his February arrest in Arizona for drunk driving, James Fegan of The Athletic reports. According to Fegan, the plea agreement, which La Russa's attorney submitted on Wednesday, calls for a guilty plea to a charge of reckless driving instead of driving under the influence. 

More from Fegan: 

"A copy of the agreement, acquired by The Athletic, comes with the terms that La Russa will serve a day in jail, but stipulates that the state is not opposed to work release or home detention if La Russa qualifies and a judge approves."

Additionally, La Russa will be required to pay a fine, reimburse the county for incarceration costs, and perform community service. 

La Russa, 76, was arrested after he ran his car into a curb, according to court documents obtained by ESPN's Jeff Passan, Paula Lavigne and Charlie Moynihan. La Russa's blood-alcohol content was 0.08. According to the police report obtained by ESPN, La Russa tried to talk his way out of the charges, telling the arresting officer: "Do you see my ring? I'm a Hall of Famer baseball person. I'm legit. I'm a Hall of Famer, brother."

La Russa was previously arrested on DUI charges in Florida in 2007. He eventually pleaded guilty to those charges. 

The White Sox, who in November hired La Russa to manage the team for a second time, confirmed that they were aware of the Arizona arrest prior to tabbing him to replace AL Manager of the Year nominee Rick Renteria. 

La Russa has yet to comment publicly on the incident, but he's expected to do so once legal proceedings are complete.