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Over the winter the White Sox committed to a full blown rebuild by trading away Chris Sale and Adam Eaton. One of the players they received in the Sale trade, infielder Yoan Moncada, is arguably the best prospect in baseball. Both Baseball America and recently ranked him as the No. 2 prospect in baseball behind Andrew Benintendi, his former teammate with the Red Sox.

The BoSox signed Moncada out of Cuba in March 2015 to a record $31.5 million bonus. Because they exceeded their international signing bonus pool, the team was also taxed 100 percent on the bonus. Boston’s total investment was $63 million. Clubs don’t spend that kind of money on nobodies. Moncada is an excellent prospect and it was obvious he had star caliber tools at a very young age.

Yoan Moncada is arguably baseball’s top prospect, and he loves Twinkies. USATSI

Over at ESPN, Eli Saslow wrote about Moncada’s adjustment to life as a 19-year-old millionaire in the United States. Part of that life: binge eating Twinkies, which he never had until leaving Cuba. From Saslow:

He is a versatile defender with natural speed and a sculpted upper body, and yet his agent says Moncada has sometimes mowed through 85 Twinkies in a week ... Moncada discovered Twinkies at Wal-Mart and started consuming them by the box, sometimes eating more than 10 in a single sitting even as the Red Sox were trying to counsel him on diet and nutrition. When (agent David Hastings) took Moncada to the dentist in the winter of 2015 -- the first dental visit of Moncada’s life -- he had about 15 cavities, David says.

Real talk: Twinkies are gross. But I guess when you’ve ever had them before, you can’t blame someone for binging on them, even a pro athlete and one of the best prospects in baseball.

Moncada, by the way, hit .317/.391/.683 with three home runs in 46 plate appearances this spring before being sent to minor league camp. He managed a .294/.407/.511 batting line with 15 home runs and 45 stolen bases in the minors last season. Moncada is Chicago’s third baseman of the future.

(h/t Deadspin)