MLB: Detroit Tigers at Chicago White Sox

Tim Anderson of the White Sox went yard off the Reds' Trevor Bauer on Saturday night in Cincy, (CHW-CIN GameTracker) and was wasn't shy about sharing his thoughts after the home run. First, a look at the dinger, which was a Bauer sinker that Anderson around for a home run that left the bat at 106.9 mph and traveled 421 feet to center.

The video evidence:

There was nothing cheap about that one, and as such Anderson was entitled to the spoils of triumph. In this instance, said spoils are the opportunity to flash-fry Bauer on live color television. Witness: 

Anderson is making reference to the online presence of Bauer, who is active on social media and, yes, maintains his own YouTube channel. Bauer is no stranger to trash-talking and calculated provocations, as the Astros would surely attest, so perhaps he can appreciate Anderson's expert trolling and, yeah, maybe even put that kingly stroke on his YouTube channel. 

As for Anderson, he probably won't sweat it either way. His White Sox are presently atop the AL Central and have been one of the best teams in baseball in 2020. Anderson himself has had much to do with that success, as the shortstop/warrior-poet has a slash line of .368/.403/.615 with 10 home runs. Put him in the AL MVP discussion for 2020 and quite possibly the In-Game Trolling Hall of Fame.