Monday afternoon an otherwise forgettable game between the Nationals and Giants (WAS 3, SF 0) turned unforgettable when Bryce Harper charged the mound. Hunter Strickland drilled him with a fastball in apparent retaliation for a pair of home runs during the 2014 NLDS, and Harper went after him.

Here's video of the fracas:

Both duguts and bullpens emptied except for one player: Madison Bumgarner. The Giants ace remained in the dugout and watched the entire brawl from the sidelines:

Clearly Bumgarner doesn't like his teammates and isn't willing to stand up for them, right? Well, no. That's not true at all.

There's a really simple explanation for Bumgarner sitting the brawl out: he's on the disabled list. Players who are on the disabled list or were ejected earlier in the game are not allowed to be on the field. Bumgarner would have risked a suspension had he gone on to the field during the brawl, delaying his return to the mound even longer.

The level of discipline would have depended on Bumgarner's role in the brawl. Was he front and center throwing punches, or standing in the back providing moral support? It is possible he would have escaped going out on to the field with only a fine, but why risk it? Bumgarner is too important and the Giants need him back ASAP.

Bumgarner is currently out with a shoulder issue suffered during a dirt bike accident last month. The team hopes to get him back sometime around the All-Star break.