Byung Ho Park socked a combined 105 home runs over the past two seasons, more than anyone else in the Korean Baseball Organization. He has averaged 42 home runs per season over his first four seasons as an everyday player. Park's power not only made him attractive to the Minnesota Twins, who signed him to a four-year, $12 million contract Dec. 1, but it also got people here wondering: Does he also go by a nickname?

He does.

And what is that nickname? reveals it:

The homer totals might not translate, but he's hoping to hit enough to keep Korean fans tuned in to games that will be broadcast early in the morning. It also would help for his Korean nickname to carry over.

"Few people from the Twins know about my Korean nickname: Park Bang," he said. "I don't think that nickname is bad at all."


Park Bang.

Not bad at all. It's a little awkward, but it certainly has a chance to catch on here, if he hits enough home runs to make it worthy. One thing the Twins might consider: Borrowing audio of Korean broadcasters calling Park's home runs in Korea. Might make Dick Bremer and Cory Provus a little uncomfortable, but listen to the energy:

Great googly moogly. And if he continues to hit home runs at even half of the pace of his work in Korea, for $12 million, one could say the Twins were getting a lot of Bang for the bucks.

Byung Ho Park and T.C. Bear
    Park (left) apparently loves bears, like Twins mascot T.C. Bear. (Minnesota Twins)