Work of Art: Wrigley Field made of Legos

At the Louisville Slugger museum, they have an ongoing exhibit featuring baseball-themed Lego art. It goes without saying that this is good for our world and all others.

What follows is a Lego Wrigley Field, which just might be the pièce de résistance not only of said exhibit but also of existence in its entirety ... 

Here's another view, courtesy of Jeff Wafford ...

As the father of a male 5-year-old human spawn, I can attest to two things about Legos: One, they hurt when you step on them -- similar to what I imagine being bitten by a snake feels like, maybe even a snake with rabies -- and, two, piecing together Legos so as to yield a work of art even remotely like what you see above surely challenges the boundaries of human sanity. Duly impressed, is what I am.

Lego Wrigley Field, we love you.

(Wink of CBS eye: Our man Tim Cary)

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