The Houston Astros and Washington Nationals faced off in Game 6 of the World Series on Tuesday night and, as has happened in the previous five games, the road team won. But before the Nats won 7-2 to force Game 7, there was drama in the seventh inning after a call left Washington's players infuriated and many fans confused. 

It started when Nationals shortstop Trea Turner hit an infield dribbler back to pitcher Brad Peacock. The pitcher threw the ball to first baseman Yuli Gurriel, but Turner made contact with him as he stretched to try and catch it. Gurriel missed the ball and Yan Gomez initially advanced to third base with no outs on the board. But then home plate umpire Sam Holbrook ruled Turner out and forced Gomez to return to first. 

Holbrook felt that Turner violated an official rule and stepped out of his lane on the way to first base, preventing Gurriel to make a play on the ball. The controversial call was not reviewable, but a long delay in the game left the crowd and people at home wondering what was going on. 

In the meantime, Turner was screaming from the Nationals dugout at MLB's chief baseball officer Joe Torre, who was seated nearby. Teammates had to calm him down. Lucky for MLB, any long-lasting controversy was squashed when Washington's Anthony Rendon hit a home run to break the game open later in the inning. But after the inning, manager Dave Martinez was ejected for getting in the face of Holbrook during a commercial break. 

The players were not the only ones with immediate reactions. Many people took to Twitter to give their thoughts on what happened:

Actress, model and wife of Astros pitcher Justin Verlander Kate Upton questioned why the review was taking so long after explaining why she thought the runner was out. Not like she has any reason to be biased or anything. 

"Grounds out softly" definitely seems like an undersell. 

Some took the side of the Martinez and think he shouldn't have been tossed out. He was the first manager to get tossed in a World Series game since 1996.

Chicago Cubs slugger Kyle Schwarber offered a solution to make sure this kind of controversy doesn't happen in an MLB game again, let alone in the Word Series.

Everything is better when it's set to music, but in this case he was taken out of the ballgame, not to it. 

Interference calls are notoriously controversial or incorrectly called in the NFL. Maybe MLB just wanted to be in on the fun? 

The call did not end up making a difference in the final score, as the Nationals added more insurance runs in the eighth. But what went down in the seventh was still the talk of the game in the immediate postgame interviews following the Nats' win.