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We're now less than two months away from the 2023 World Series. There's plenty of jockeying to be done for the playoff spots before we get to the Wild Card Series and that's two full rounds of playoffs prior to the World Series. That is to say that while we're closing in on the postseason, there's still plenty of meaningful baseball to come before the Fall Classic.

Still, in dreaming about what the Fall Classic might look like this season, let's throw together some tiers. We're basically slotting teams by their chances to win the World Series here in 2023. Onward! 

Tier 1 - The clear favorite

Braves - They've been the best team in baseball since about mid-May. They have multiple superstar position players, including the frontrunner for MVP in Ronald Acuña Jr. They are one of the most powerful lineups in baseball history. The rotation and back-end of the bullpen, come playoff time, are likely to be stellar. They are the favorites. 

Of course, when was the last time the favorites won the World Series in a full season? I believe that would be the 2018 Red Sox. That means we have to say that while the Braves are the most likely team to win it all, if you had the choice between the Braves and the rest of the field, you should take the field. 

Tier 2 - Vulnerable, but scary

Astros - Yes, the defending champs look more vulnerable than they have in a full season since, what, 2016? They've had some injuries and inconsistency throughout the roster for most of the season. Through Sept. 4, they hadn't been alone in first place all season. And yet, here they are: Alone in first place. Jose Altuve is playing like an MVP, Yordan Alvarez remains capable of being the scariest hitter in baseball and several of the supporting cast are swinging it well. We know how dominant the postseason rotation can be. They are a decent bet to repeat. 

Dodgers - The Dodgers just went through a stretch where they won 24 of 28 games, so obviously they are good enough to win the World Series. They have two MVP-caliber players in Freddie Freeman and Mookie Betts along with a good supporting cast. They were, however, clearly the inferior team to the Braves in that four-game series last weekend and it looks like that playoff rotation could be anywhere from patchwork to bad. Of course, everything could click and this team could storm through the entire month. 

Tier 3 - Strong contenders

Orioles - There's so much to love about this team. It's up-and-coming while also being on track to approach 100 wins. It's a well-rounded offense that can hurt you from anywhere in the lineup. It could be power, speed or just stringing singles together. There have to be concerns with both the rotation and the bullpen -- especially after the Félix Bautista injury -- though, and that keeps the Orioles from joining the top two tiers. Still, teams win pennants from this tier a good amount these days. 

Rays - The rotation injuries -- Shane McClanahan, Jeffrey Springs, Drew Rasmussen -- and Wander Franco's suspension have set this team back. Still, there's a lot of position-player talent here and it isn't difficult to imagine a Tyler Glasnow-Zach Eflin-Aaron Civale playoff rotation doing very well. They aren't the juggernaut it looked like they were in April, but this team is absolutely capable of taking the crown for the first time in franchise history.

Phillies - We saw it last year. This team is better built for the playoffs than the regular season, kind of similar to the 2019 Nationals. There just isn't a ton of depth, but the good players are capable of rendering that meaningless for one month. If the offense is on, it's an absurdly scary group, top to bottom, while the pitching staff can sport a pair of workhorses capable of pitching like aces and the bullpen features several power arms. It's a good formula. It got them to Game 6 of the World Series last year and they have a few more quality players this time around, including the red-hot Trea Turner, who knows a little something about that 2019 Nats team.

Mariners - In Luis Castillo, George Kirby and Logan Gilbert, it could be argued that the Mariners will enter the playoffs with the best 1-2-3 rotation punch. The offense can flash power and speed and has someone (Julio Rodríguez, obviously) good enough to carry it. The bullpen isn't quite as deep as it was with Paul Sewald, but it's still capable of being very good and deep through October. If the Astros are vulnerable, the AL is wide open. Keep in mind, the Mariners are 8-2 so far this season against the champs, too. 

Tier 4 - Don't sleep on them

Twins - As things stand, the Twins are likely to be the worst AL team in the playoffs and that's a tough path. Still, in 2021, the team with the worst record in the playoffs won it all. If you just take the Twins' four best starting pitchers, look at the power arms in the bullpen and then see the sheer talent level on offense, there's enough here for a run. They just need to put it all together at the right time. 

Brewers - Brandon Woodruff, Corbin Burnes, Freddy Peralta and Wade Miley are capable of throwing like the best playoff rotation for a month. Devin Williams is the closer in another good Brewers bullpen. The offense leaves a lot to be desired, but they have several power bats and several stolen-base threats. It isn't difficult to envision a deep run. 

Rangers - They certainly seem broken right now, but there's almost a month left. We saw how good they could be for most of the season. What if they start playing like that again here in the very near future? There's enough talent here to win the World Series. They could also miss the playoffs altogether. I definitely wouldn't count on this team, and yet, we can't count them out. 

Blue Jays - There's been a lot more mediocrity than inspiring play, but the Jays can run out a formidable playoff rotation (Kevin Gausman and three from Chris Bassitt, José Berríos, Yusei Kikuchi and Hyun-Jin Ryu) in front of a few strong bullpen arms. The offense needs Bo Bichette and Matt Chapman back, but there's immense talent here. If you're looking for a "this year's Phillies" type run, you could do a lot worse than picking the Jays. 

Cubs - Something shook loose for the Cubs after the first week in June. Since June 8, they've gone 49-28. The only teams in baseball with a better record since then are the Braves, Orioles and Dodgers. Justin Steele, even if still underrated, is a bona fide ace while Cody Bellinger has been playing at an MVP level in the second half. The offense is deep, often rallying at the bottom of the order and there are talented, powerful arms at the back of the bullpen. Things would have to come together ever so perfectly, but sometimes it happens like that and this team has been one of the best in baseball for three months. 

Tier 5 - The long long shots

Reds - I think they're a year away. The rotation just isn't there this season. Still, there's reason for excitement. Those rookies are all kinds of fun. 

Diamondbacks - They've been a bad team since the start of July. Only the Rockies on the NL side have been worse, in fact. They have time to turn it around, but the pitching staff just isn't good enough to count on a run deep into the playoffs.

Red Sox - They just need so many things to come together here in the next month in order to be a viable playoff club. If those things do come together, they'll face far superior teams in the playoffs. There are too many obstacles here to feel anything serious about the Red Sox's chances of winning it all.

Marlins - There's very little reason to believe the offense can provide enough support for the pitching staff to get this team through four rounds of playoff series. 

Giants - Since July 18, the Giants are 16-28. They only have two starting pitchers and an offense that isn't very good. I'm just not seeing it. 

Tier 6 - Do you believe in miracles?

In about 999,999 times out of a million, the season is done for these teams. But what if they rip off a stretch with something like 18 wins in 20 games? The Yankees, Padres, Pirates, Guardians and Mets are in miracle range, but no closer. 

Tier 7 - Better luck in 2024

The following teams aren't even in miracle range (and the Royals and A's have already been eliminated from playoff contention): TigersWhite Sox, Royals, Angels, Athletics, Nationals, Cardinals and Rockies.