World Series odds: How Manny Machado's deal with the Padres impacts the field

The latest World Series odds from Westgate show the Padres with a decent bump after reportedly locking up Manny Machado to a massive $300 million contract. San Diego is still behind nine teams in the National League and sit at 50-1 compared to 100-1 before the signing. As far as the overall  "favorite" goes, there's a tie between the Astros and Yankees at 6-1. The defending champion Red Sox check in at 7-1, which is also where the two-time defending NL champion Dodgers sit. 

By way of reminder, odds aren't predictions but instead a reflection of the betting public. 

Some good buys in there, no? The Cubs at Nats at 12 to 1 along with any of the favorites look good. How about the Braves and Brewers at 18 to 1? My Hail Mary: Angels at 40 to 1. 

CBS Sports Writer

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