Would-be Padres owner Moorad doesn't have votes, facing 'uphill battle'

Former baseball super agent Jeff Moorad's withdrawn application to gain controlling ownership of the San DiegoPadres isn't merely a formality. Moorad does not have the votes of other owners, and there is no sign of him getting them soon. One person familiar with the process called Moorad's attempt at ownership an "uphill battle.''

Moorad will remain the Padres' CEO and has two years to try to gain the votes, according to his contract with John Moores, the Padres' owner. Upon withdrawing the application, Moorad cited the need to "focus on the television contract.''

Moorad's bigger issue actually is a block of owners who haven't been convinced to admit him to the owwnership club. Among owners said to be against Moorad are powerful White Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdrof, plus Ken Kendrick, Moorad's former partner with the Diamondbacks. Moorad started as a big-time agent, a role that by its very nature often engenders conflict with owners.

Moores has been upset that the process has taken so long and has no immediate conclusion in sight. But with exploding TV monies, Moores' continuing ownership could mean more money for him as the value of the team rises.

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