Wright to Mets: No in-season contract talks

NEW YORK -- You know that idea the Mets had about trying to talk contract with David Wright during this season?

Maybe they should have checked with Wright first.

Friday, Wright told the Mets that he has no interest in discussing a contract extension in-season, and then he went on the WFAN radio pregame show and told Ed Coleman the same thing.

"The time to discuss this, if the Mets want to discuss it, is during the offseason," Wright said.

Wright repeated his love for the Mets but said he won't talk contract during next season, either, in effect putting an opening day 2013 deadline for the Mets to sign him or risk losing him to free agency.

Wright, who is off to a great start this year, signed an in-season extension in 2006, a six-year, $55 million deal that runs through this year, with a $16 million club option for next year. With the way Wright has played, the Mets are basically certain to pick up the option.

But as general manager Sandy Alderson confirmed Tuesday night, the club's plan had been to try to negotiate with Wright before the end of this season.

Fine plan, except that Wright wasn't on board with it.

"I think there's too much good going on right now with this team, and so many positive vibes right now," Wright told Coleman. "It wouldn't be fair to my teammates. It wouldn't be fair to this team to do something as selfish as talk about a contract for me.

"It's selfish if I'm discussing me when we should be discussing we as a team."

The Mets didn't make an attempt to sign Wright, no doubt in part because the Bernie Madoff situation was still unresolved. But there were also suggestions that they wanted to see how Wright did.

With the Madoff situation now resolved, and with Wright doing very well, discussing a new deal now made sense to them.

One problem: It obviously didn't make sense to Wright.

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