Yankee fans boo Tim Tebow


In case you haven't heard, an NFL player was booed at a baseball game.

Tim Tebow -- the Concept, not the Man -- has become such a cultural touchstone that nothing anyone can say about him, whether good, bad, clinically detached, or wholly indifferent, is going to be insightful. Everything that could possibly be said about Tim Tebow has already been said in every existing combination of words and phrases.

Love him? So do numberless others. Loathe what he symbolizes? Your fellow travelers are many. Enjoy giving calculated, sub-moronic Baylessian/Cowherdian "takes" on him designed to provoke one side or the other? Too much with us (on this and all other subjects). Even observing that you can't say anything interesting about Tebow is itself uninteresting.

Of course, Tebow the Man really doesn't have much to do with Tebow the Concept, and you can count him among the victims of the Concept -- just like me and you and all of us. So perhaps on Sunday night the Yankee Stadium crowd was booing Tebow as an inescapable and crushingly banal pop-social phenomenon. Perhaps they were not booing someone who seems like a perfectly nice and hard-working guy. Or perhaps Yankee fans just like to boo things.

Whatever the underlying causes, let us never again mention Tebow the Concept insofar as the perfect sport of baseball is concerned.  
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