Major League Baseball has released its list of top jersey sales and for a third straight year, Yankees' slugger Aaron Judge sits at the top. At first blush, it seems a surprise, but digging deeper it makes sense. Of course a Yankees player is going to lead and if you're a Yankees fan, Judge probably makes the most sense. 

Here's the top 20: 

  1. Aaron Judge, Yankees
  2. Bryce Harper, Phillies
  3. Cody Bellinger, Dodgers
  4. Javier Baez, Cubs
  5. Christian Yelich, Brewers
  6. Ronald Acuna, Braves
  7. Mookie Betts, Red Sox
  8. Jose Altuve, Astros
  9. Mike Trout, Angels
  10. Anthony Rizzo, Cubs
  11. Yadier Molina, Cardinals
  12. Clayton Kershaw, Dodgers
  13. Alex Bregman, Astros
  14. Pete Alonso, Mets
  15. Freddie Freeman, Braves
  16. Kris Bryant, Cubs
  17. Francisco Lindor, Indians
  18. Paul Goldschmidt, Cardinals
  19. Jacob deGrom, Mets
  20. George Springer, Astros

(Note: The list is based on sales of Majestic jerseys on the league website)

Not a ton of surprise there. Some of the best and most exciting players are involved and there's always going to be a bump (a la Harper) when moving to a new team. 

Needs more love, ranked: Alex Bregman. C'mon, give Bregs more love, Astros fans!

Needs more love, unranked: Fernando Tatis, Jr. This dude might be the single most exciting player in baseball. Perhaps a full season next year will start to turn some heads.