Yankees bust out fog machine in clubhouse to celebrate two-game sweep of Red Sox

Celebrating wins is pretty common in sports. The Bears had their famous "Club Dub" last year, while the Saints celebrated wins with dance parties of their own. Now the Yankees are bringing the trend to baseball. You can't have beards or long hair in the Bronx, but you are allowed to turn the clubhouse into a rave.

Following a two-game sweep of the Red Sox, powered by a Brett Gardner grand slam in Wednesday's win, the Yankees are 8-9 with multiple starters on the IL. Therefore, they celebrated the win in style with a fog machine.

"The idea was to play [the fog] after big games," Gardner told ESPN

Clint Frazier added: "You guys didn't know we had a nightclub in here?"

Having this storied franchise celebrate an early-season win with a fog machine sounds silly, but the Yankees have faced a ton of obstacles and it's not even May yet.

"We deserved the fog because we won a hard game out there," Frazier said. "That was a good game. Everybody played a part in some way. It's huge to beat the Red Sox right now."

It's true. At some point the games have to matter, and with a vaunted Red Sox team that continues to struggle, these early-season AL East showdowns are important. The Yankees are trying to turn a corner, and perhaps this mid-week series in April will be the time that they do it.

The only risk with all of this is someone getting injured in the fog. With the year the Yankees have had, it's far from impossible.

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