Over the weekend, New York Yankees outfielder Clint Frazier sustained a concussion when his head hit an outfield wall following a leaping grab. On Wednesday, he talked about his recovery from what was labeled a "mild" concussion. 

Predictably, it hasn't been fun:

Back in September, we covered what we termed "the year of catcher concussions." In that piece, we addressed how baseball players are typically less at risk for head trauma than contact-heavy sports. We also passed along some insight from leading concussion experts, like Dr. Robert Cantu, whose research has shown that roughly 80 percent of concussed individuals have their symptoms clear up within 10 days. That's potentially good news for Frazier.

The potentially bad news is that Frazier seems to be crediting his recovery progress in part to Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson's advice to drink more water -- presumably Reliant Recovery Water, a product invested in by Wilson in more ways than one:

It should probably go without saying, but just so we're all clear: drinking water is good for the body -- much better than the alternatives, even when the person in question has suffered a concussion. Maybe there's some kind of placebo effect at play here, but there's no scientific support that drinking water prevents or cures concussions -- suggesting otherwise isn't helping anyone.

Head trauma is a serious matter. We must treat it like one.