Yankees legend Mariano Rivera appears on The Daily Show

A year after taking his farewell tour around the majors, life has slowed down a bit for Yankee legend Mariano Rivera. 

Just yesterday, the Yankees revealed that they’d named a street -- Rivera Avenue -- after baseball’s all-time saves leader. Then last night, in order to promote his new book The Closer, Rivera appeared on Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show. Stewart’s a long-time Mets fan, but even he found it hard to conceal his excitement when Rivera handed him a signed Yankees jersey. 

You also have to hand it to Mo, who wasn’t fazed at all when Stewart asked him whether he thought he’d go into the Hall of Fame wearing a Yankees or Mets cap. 

Rivera was long known for his humility and the respect he always showed to both his teammates and the game. Having said that, there's apparently a portion of the book where he takes a jab at Robinson Cano, the long-on-talent, short-on-hustle, former Yankee. 

Even more blasphemous, Rivera said that if he was forced to pick one second baseman for a game, he'd have to go with with Boston's Dustin Pedroia. While that cuts to the core of Yankee pride, there's nothing Mo could do to tarnish his legacy. 

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