New York Yankees southpaw CC Sabathia will retire at the conclusion of the year. As such, that meant Sunday marked the final time Sabathia will suit up for a regular season home game as a member of the Yankees. Predictably, the organization seized the opportunity to doff its proverbial cap in Sabathia's direction with an (appropriately long) pregame ceremony.

As part of the festivities, the Yankees rolled out a pair of tribute videos. One featuring other players speaking about Sabathia's impact on the game:

And one featuring Sabathia's family talking about him as a person:

The Yankees also honored Sabathia and his family by giving them gifts on the field, including a 10-day vacation to Japan, and by having Sabathia throw out the first pitch to his mother.

All and all, it was a well-done ceremony for a pitcher who has meant a lot to the Yankees franchise -- both on and off the field. 

For reference, Sabathia has started 306 times for the Yankees, accumulating a 3.81 ERA (112 ERA+) and a 2.95 strikeout-to-walk ratio. He's also made 19 postseason appearances with the Yankees, having been part of 2009 World Series championship team. 

Sabathia is expected to work out of the bullpen the rest of the way, but don't get it twisted -- he's not looking to prolong his career: