Yankees president Levine vows they will do what it takes to get back on top

Yankees president Randy Levine, speaking in a phone conversation, vowed that the Yankees will do everything possible to get back on top.

"We hope Yankee fans know that the history of the Steinbrenner family has been that this organization does what's necessary in order to field a championship team. And there's nothing that will change that," Levine said.

The Yankees have no set limitation on their payroll for 2013 year after managing to stay around $200 million the past few years, but with their goal to get below the $189-million threshhold for 2014, to lower their future luxury tax in some cases, may mean they'll have to look closer as one-year deals for incoming free agents or expiring contracts for trade targets. They've previously said that getting below $189 million for 2014 is a "mandate,'' but occasionally, they've portrayed it as more of a goal.

This is certainly a kinder, gentler era for the Yankees, there's no question about that. Levine refused to pin the blame on any one person or persons -- not even the $29-million man Alex Rodriguez -- after the team’s awful playoff performance.

“It was no one person’s fault,’’ Levine said. “We win as an organization. We lose as an organization. Everyone’s responsible. Everyone came up short.’’

Along those lines, both GM Brian Cashman and manager Joe Girardi will be back in 2013. Both men remain in good stead within the organization.

While much of the focus is on Rodriguez’s postseason failures (he was 3 for 25), Yankees brass would prefer the blame be spread around. And in reality, Robinson Cano (his 0 for 29 slide is a new postseason record), Curtis Granderson, Nick Swisher and others were equally bad. The Yankees never led in the Tigers’ four-game sweep, becoming the first team to suffer such an indignity in LCS history.

“The pitching was good. We just didn’t hit,’’ Levine said. “Why we didn’t hit, I haven’t the foggiest.’’

Levine did mention the old Yankees’ objective to win the World Series but doesn’t take it to the extreme to consider the whole year a complete failure because they exited the postseason early, showing times have changed for the Bronx Bombers.

“Obviously, our goal every year is to win the World Series. This was very disappointing. We didn’t meet our expectations,’’ Levine said. “However, this was a good team and a good season. We had the most wins in the American League. But we came up short.’’

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