Major League Baseball is reportedly close will submitting a formal plan to the players about restarting the 2020 season. Both sides want to make it happen, and while significant hurdles remain, I think we're in the ballpark of a "where there's a will, there's a way" situation. They are going to make it happen in some shape or form. 

Perhaps even more optimism comes by way of Yankees president Randy Levine, who spoke with Good Day New York on Thursday morning. Levine said he's hoping to see baseball in "a little bit" (via the New York Post): 

"I think our players are patriots," Levine said on "Good Day New York." "They want to do it. We all are trying to get there. The commissioner's doing a great job. So hopefully in a little bit, we'll hear, 'Play ball!'"

He also believes there's a chance to get some fans in the ballparks this season, even if not filled to capacity. 

"I believe that we're putting together all the protocols, but I think you ease in with fans," Levine said. "You start with less fans. You have temperature taking. You have health stations. You do a lot of testing. If people have a temperature or they aren't feeling well, you take them to a health station. You wear masks and gloves. You only serve food that won't impede that.

"And I think it'll be nice. I think it would be pretty cool to have some Yankee masks and gloves out there."

The Chinese Professional Baseball League in Taiwan recently announced that it would start allowing up to 1,000 fans at games starting Friday. 

Based upon that and what we've been hearing from reports and Levine's comments, it's sounding more realistic to envision something like this for MLB this year:

  • A second spring training in June. 
  • Regular season beginning in early July (July 4?), possibly starting in spring training venues or using the three-hub plan first reported by RJ Anderson of CBS Sports
  • Moving to regular season homes later in the year.
  • Potentially allowing some fans before the end of the season.

For now, this is all we have. Dreaming on how the season can unfold. It seems like we'll know more soon.