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The New York Yankees are one of the most iconic franchises in all of sports. So naturally, the team has several numbers that they have retired over the years. On Tuesday, the Yankees announced that the team would be retiring Paul O'Neill's No. 21 jersey during a ceremony on August 21 as long as Major League Baseball reaches a resolution regarding the lockout by then. 

O'Neill is the 23rd player in franchise history to have his number retired by the Yankees. The former outfielder will be the first Yankee to have his number retired since Derek Jeter had his No. 2 retired back in 2017.

During his time with the Yankees, O'Neill hit .303/.377/.492 with 185 career home runs and 858 RBIs. O'Neill also won four of his five World Series title while playing in New York.

New York has retired the jerseys of players like Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, Roger Maris, Yogi Berra, and many others in addition to Jeter and, soon, O'Neill. Compared to the rest of Major League Baseball, the Yankees easily have the most retired numbers. The second-most retired numbers belong to the St. Louis Cardinals, who have retired 13 numbers throughout franchise history.

The Chicago White Sox and San Francisco Giants have the third-most retired numbers with 11 to their credit. In addition, the Boston Red Sox, Cincinnati Reds, Houston Astros, and Los Angeles Dodgers have retired 10 numbers throughout their respective histories.

So, below we are going to break down which numbers players cannot wear for the Yankees anymore. The options are getting slim at this point. Numbers 1-10 have all been retired by the Bronx Bombers.

Yankees retired numbers

  • No. 1: Billy Martin
  • No. 2: Derek Jeter
  • No. 3: Babe Ruth
  • No. 4: Lou Gehrig
  • No. 5: Joe DiMaggio
  • No. 6: Joe Torre
  • No. 7: Mickey Mantle
  • No. 8: Yogi Berra
  • No. 8: Bill Dickey
  • No. 9: Roger Maris
  • No. 10: Phil Rizzuto
  • No. 15: Thurman Munson
  • No. 16: Whitey Ford
  • No. 20: Jorge Posada
  • No. 21: Paul O'Neill
  • No. 23: Don Mattingly
  • No. 32: Elston Howard
  • No. 37: Casey Stengel
  • No. 42: Mariano Rivera
  • No. 44: Reggie Jackson
  • No. 46: Andy Pettitte
  • No. 49: Ron Guidry
  • No. 51: Bernie Williams