Yankees-Tigers brawl: Miguel Cabrera upset that Aaron Judge wasn't suspended

If you heard the blast of the Baseball Fight Conch Shell at some point on Thursday, it's because this went down between the Yankees and Tigers in Detroit ... 

So that's a certifiable brawl followed by a couple of related skirmishes. We already broke down said hostilities from every angle. Then we told you about the various and sundry suspensions that the league handed down on Friday

Speaking of which, Tigers warrior-poet Miguel Cabrera, who was dinged for seven games for his catalytic role in the fisticuffs, was none too pleased with MLB's decisions on the disciplinary front. Specifically, Miggy's upset that Yankees reliever Tommy Kahnle, who threw behind Cabrera in the sixth, wasn't suspended and that Aaron Judge wasn't also sent to detention. 

Regarding Judge, here's what Cabrera had to say about his role in the festivities (via MLive.com's Evan Woodbury) ... 

"My point is, why are they not saying anything about Judge? He tried to hit me, go after me on the floor," Cabrera said. "They didn't suspend him. There was a lot of people going after me and they didn't get a suspension.

"(Judge) is going to get away (with it)? And the pitcher who threw at me, he's going to get away (with it) too, with no suspension? That's bull(expletive)."

In this space, we've already examined Gary Sanchez's Thursday penchant for the cheap shot, and Cabrera seems to be saying that Judge was indulging in similar behavior. Sanchez was suspended for four games, but Judge, much to Cabrera's chagrin, was not among the spanked. Without question, MLB carefully reviewed the footage of the brawl from all available angles, and they determined that Judge's actions -- whether or not Cabrera is accurately characterizing them -- didn't merit a suspension. 

With regard to Cabrera's feelings on this matter, this is probably worth noting ... 

These two teams won't meet again in 2017, which is woefully inconvenient for our purposes -- our purposes being dem clicks. 

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