Yankees vs. Red Sox: Luis Severino, Aaron Boone dispute late warmup for ALDS Game 3

NEW YORK -- Game 3 of the ALDS turned into humiliation for the New York Yankees on Monday night. The Yankees were throttled 16-1 (box score) by the Boston Red Sox in what was the most lopsided loss in franchise postseason history. The BoSox lead the best-of-5 series 2-1.

In addition to manager Aaron Boone's blunders, the Yankees were down early largely because starter Luis Severino was terrible. He gave up three hard-hit balls in a scoreless first inning and finished the night having allowed six runs in three innings. He allowed 14 balls in play and seven were clocked at 100 mph exit velocity or better.

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2018 ALDS Game 3 vs. Red Sox

During the TBS broadcast, analyst Ron Darling noted Severino appeared to have an unusually short warmup before Game 3, possibly as short as eight minutes. Every starter has a different routine. Most guys get to the outfield to begin stretching 20 minutes or so before the game. Severino, Boone and pitching coach Larry Rothschild all disputed that.

"I came out 20 minutes before the game, like I always do," Severino said. "A game like this, you remember what time [it starts]. No confusion about the time. I always go to the bullpen 8-10 minutes before the game. I warm up quickly."

Boone added: "He got his normal pitches routine, faced his couple hitters down there. So no, no issue with that ... He had plenty of warmup. He had what he intended to go down there and get done, and Larry said he was able to get through his normal routine, where he faces a couple hitters and everything. So it wasn't an issue."

For what it's worth, one fan on social media posted dated photos of Severino warming up for his 7:05 p.m. ET start on Aug. 13. He was still throwing in the outfield at 6:47 p.m. ET and had not yet made his way into the bullpen. That suggests a shorter than usual bullpen warmup time.

It should be noted that, while he allowed some hard-hit balls in the first inning, Severino did get through the inning scoreless. He didn't run into his most serious trouble until the third or fourth inning. If he did have a short warmup, he presumably would've locked it in by time he third inning rolled around.

Needless to say, if the Yankees and Severino did get a late start on his warmups, that's a problem. They all dispute it, however, and didn't use it as an excuse. They chalked up Severino's poor performance to Severino pitching poorly, not to an issue with his warmup.

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