Dodgers right fielder and lightning rod Yasiel Puig was taken out of Tuesday night's win over the Reds (8-2 was the final score) after an RBI single. At least that's what the box score says. Absent context, one might just gloss over it and think nothing of it.

But, well, there's this:

Yeah, Puig actually hit the ball off the wall on a fly and thought he hit a home run ( video). It should have been an easy double with Puig's speed and, at the time, the RBI only made it a 4-2 Dodgers lead.

Yeah, this ended up as a single, not a home run. MLB TV screenshot

As regular Eye on Baseball readers know, I never get angry at players watching their home runs, but here's the rub: If it's close, you have to run. No, not because of something ridiculous like "showing up the other team." They are big boys and should be able to deal with that. It's because this error in judgement could have hurt Puig's team. If you can't be sure, you can't watch it. Roberts removing Puig from the game says as much.

It's not as though Puig is having an all-world season, either. He's hitting .247/.289/.382 with four doubles, two triples and five homers. This is the second time this week that a player has been pulled for lack of hustle. And it's only Tuesday.

To Puig's credit, he was accountable (and you can see video of the play in here as well):