Your 1976 Tim McCarver/Phillies ginger ale can of the day

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Doubtless, there have been many occasions on this fine day on which you have pronounced to all who have ears, "This, I declare, is the finest 1976 Tim McCarver/Phillies ginger ale can I have surveyed, at least today."

Well, captives to assumption, adjust thine expectations once again ...

That's Tim McCarver and his plunging locks, and that's a can of ginger ale, the contents of which are riddled with a disease called "Phillies Fever" -- an affliction that can otherwise be caught in a Veterans Stadium men's room or the darkened corners of any Camden disco.

Of course, one of the most telling symptoms of Phillies Fever is the all-powerful desire to never be cured of it. 

For these and other reasons, this is your 1976 Tim McCarver/Phillies ginger ale can of the day. 

(Image: EBay)

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