Your 2014 Opening Day Advent Calendar

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Up ahead, in the misty distance, those with keen eyes will make out the approaching silhouette of this, our baseball. Indeed, it is afoot, and it will be with us almost exactly a month from this moment.

So in order to pass the time in a more leisured manner and to recognize Opening Day for the Holy Day of Obligation that it truly is, we would like to present your 2014 Interactive Opening Day Advent Calendar. All those words were capitalized because this is important, you see. 

The idea is simple: Each morning starting Saturday, March 1, rise from slumber, cast aside thine bed-clothes, and position thine laptop pointer over each candy cane (it's a candy cane because it's our high holiday, you see) and enjoy the wholesome, nutritious baseball treat for the day. Note: If you "open" more than gift one per day, which is cheating characteristic of cheaters, then you shall be punished in imperceptible yet mounting ways. 

And now, automatic for the people as is the case with all things Eye On Baseball, here's your 2014 Opening Day Advent Calendar ... 

You shouldn't be reading these words right here unless it's March 31, you know. 

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