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Not only is Matt Harvey among the very best pitchers in baseball this season, but he's also a modern-day Hawk Harrelson when it comes to making the velvet ropes recoil by force of his fashion choices.

On that front, know that Mr. Harvey recently indulged us in a fashion shoot for the august pages of the New York Post. In the interest of a representative sampling, we have borrowed this:

(Tamara Beckwith/NY Post)

Fuschia dinner jacket that changes colors based on the ovulation cycles of nearby ladies (unlike traffic signals, this particular hue absolutely does not mean "stop"), plain-front twill pants, pocket square that can -- should circumstances require -- double as a matador's capote, fresh Jay Gatsby haircut: Mr. Matt Harvey knows his way around the haberdashery, which, by extension, means he also knows his way around the boudoir. Mr. Matt Harvey is also acutely aware that latching the bottom button is the practice of scoundrels.

It's an ensemble that's appropriate for an evening in a Tangier casino or, when a monocle is added, casual yet obviously high-level business talk among the hedgerows of Southampton.

Also, note the slight upward tilt of his pellucid eyes. He is doing this because, at that moment, Catherine Deneuve circa 1968 is landing on the heli-pad.

And speaking of those eyes, here is a relevant quote from Mr. Harvey:

"My eyes are probably what I get the most compliments on. Definitely the lighter the shirt I am wearing, the more my eyes pop."

And in the interest of maximal relevance, here is that quote in the original French:

"Mes yeux sont probablement ce que je reçois le plus de compliments sur. Certainement le plus léger de la chemise que je porte, plus mes yeux pop."

Mr. Matt Harvey reduces himself to pitching in foul-smelling Queens only because Milan does not yet have a team.

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