Your supernatural Cincinnati Reds pancake of the day

While various holy figures have been known to haunt the tortilla presses and freeway overpasses of our mortal world, it's not often that the spectral presence of a baseball team resorts to such miracle-smithing. The Reds of Cincinnati, however, are clearly trying to tell us something via the timeless medium of the Ouija-pancake ...

That, as you can plainly see, is a Reds logo that has risen from the batter. Let us stop traffic and worship it!

Over at OMG Reds, whence this image comes, Joel Knueven, author and finisher of the Lenten pancake in question, proclaims that is indeed the residue of miracle:

"The Lord works in mysterious ways, I’m just glad that my pancake batter ladle was chosen as the conduit through which this covenant was made with Reds faithful. ...

"This was NOT planned, nor did I use some template to try to create it -- it looks so dead on that people have asked me that question."

Fair enough: the Cincinnati Reds, your 2013 World Series champions.

Know that the call is coming from inside the house, and Dusty Baker is on the line.

URGENT UPDATE: On the other hand, Carl Dubois, one of our many editors capable of improving prose with nothing more than a steely glare, sees within the pancake a message of providence relating to an altogether different Ohio team ...

(Wink of CBS Eye: C. Trent Rosecrans)

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