Zack Greinke and his mysterious thoughts on pitching on short rest

Regarding short rest, Zack Greinke has some things to say and some things not to say. (USATSI)
Regarding short rest, Zack Greinke has some things to say and some things not to say. (USATSI)

ST. LOUIS -- Thursday was workout day for your NLCS combatants -- the visiting Dodgers and host Cardinals. As part of the run-up, Dodgers Game 1 starter Zack Greinke took to the podium to field questions from the press corps. At one point, Greinke was asked about the possibility of pitching on short rest, as Clayton Kershaw did to good effect in the final game of the NLDS. 

Greinke's answer? It was at once beautifully candid and cryptic ... 

"I mean, I could probably respond to it [the question], but I might give information out that we might want to keep a secret, so I just won't respond to that question for that reason."

Later in the day, Dodgers manager Don Mattingly talked about how easy it was to manage a player like Greinke because he's so disarmingly honest at all times. This would be an example of such honesty. 

The implication, perhaps, is that the Dodgers have at least discussed pitching Greinke on short rest at some point in the playoffs. Since Greinke's starting Game 1 of the NLCS, he could pitch on normal rest in Game 5, or he could, say, pitch on three days' rest in Game 4, should the Dodgers be sufficiently desperate or on the verge of closing it out. As we saw with Kershaw, Mattingly is willing to slot aggressively in his postseason rotation. 

In any event, Greinke's response may be regarded as "a tell."

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