Zack Greinke won't sign an autograph for Pat Neshek and Neshek isn't happy about it

Trading autographs is a fairly standard practice for big league ballplayers, especially among teammates, but also among opposing players. They'll send a bat or a ball or a jersey to the other clubhouse for an autograph and get it that way. Happens all the time.

Pat Neshek, who started this season with the Phillies before being traded to the Rockies at the deadline, is a big baseball memorabilia collector. He wrote about his card collection on his website, and he also posts regularly on the message board under the username "heat17."

On Tuesday, Neshek wrote a post explaining about all the times Zack Greinke has stiffed him for an autograph. He went as far as to call Greinke some choice names, to which Greinke responded "I will never sign for you." Here is Neshek's post:

Pat Neshek told a story about all the times Zack Greinke has refused to sign an autograph.

Greinke is known to be a little curmudgeonly, though it's still sort of weird he would outright refuse to sign an autograph for a fellow player. A fellow All-Star, in fact. I suppose all the autograph requests can wear on you over time, though this almost seems personal. Neshek and Greinke have never been teammates aside from the All-Star Game, for what it's worth.

For whatever reason, Greinke won't sign for Neshek. Neshek wants everyone to know he is always willing to sign autographs, however:

Nice guy, that Neshek.

(h/t Deadspin)

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