MLB Top 10s: Ranking best players traded (or maybe traded) in July

by | Baseball Writer

In the Eye On Baseball Top 10, here's what we do: Rank players according to criteria. Those criteria change depending upon week and whim, but the Top 10 will always be informed by some angle or another. (Note that the absence of an angle is itself an angle!)

And that brings us to this week's guiding query: Who are the best players who have been traded this month or who might be traded this month?

Stated another way, we're ranking those who have already been traded in July and those who have a shot at being traded before Wednesday's non-waiver deadline. To be sure, deadline rumors are fluid, so it's entirely possible that someone we didn't consider will wind up getting swapped. For now, though, we'll use the deals that have already gone down in July and the most persistent rumors as our guides.

These days, of course, we have a pair of wild-card berths in each league, and that serves to reduce the number of teams squarely in "sell" mode. That makes for a somewhat calmer deadline than in the past, but you're still about to see some quality names for the most part.

Who won't be traded? Among many others, Alex Rodriguez, Yasiel Puig, Ryan Braun, Bryce Harper and Matt Harvey won't be traded. But those names have just now been mentioned in the service of piping-hot Internet clicks!

And now let us recite baseball names for purposes of SEO and making you angry. As always, feel free to brandish your incorrect opinions and make idle threats in the comments section.


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