Pittsburgh Pirates

NL Central Division2nd1st3rd4th
National League 3rd3rd6th12th
Apr 20, 2018A.J. SchugelRPSent to Minors, For Rehabilitation
Apr 16, 2018Dovydas NeverauskasRPSent to Minors
Apr 16, 2018Josh Harrison2BPlaced on 10-Day DL, (Fractured metacarpal bone, left hand)
Apr 16, 2018Max Moroff2BCalled Up from Minors
Apr 14, 2018Enny RomeroRPAcquired Off Waivers From, Washington
Apr 13, 2018Kyle CrickRPCalled Up from Minors
Apr 13, 2018Richard RodriguezRPPurchased From Minors
Apr 12, 2018A.J. SchugelRPSent to Minors, For Rehabilitation
Apr 12, 2018Clay HolmesRPSent to Minors
Apr 12, 2018Josh SmokerRPSent to Minors
Apr 2, 2018Clay HolmesRPCalled Up from Minors
Apr 2, 2018Joe MusgroveSPPlaced on 10-Day DL, (Strained right shoulder)
Apr 1, 2018Clay HolmesRPCalled Up from Minors, (recalled as 26th roster player)
Apr 1, 2018Clay HolmesRPReturn of 26th man
Mar 29, 2018A.J. SchugelRPPlaced on 10-Day DL, (Right shoulder discomfort)
Mar 27, 2018Jack LeathersichRPCalled Up from Minors, - Not to Report
Mar 26, 2018Jose OsunaRFSent to Minors
Mar 26, 2018Kyle CrickRPSent to Minors
Mar 24, 2018Jacob StallingsCSent to Minors
Mar 24, 2018Jordan LuplowLFSent to Minors
Mar 23, 2018Daniel NavaRFSigned to a Minor League Contract
Mar 20, 2018Christopher BostickLFSent to Minors
Mar 20, 2018Daniel NavaRFReleased
Mar 20, 2018Max Moroff2BSent to Minors
Mar 20, 2018Nick KinghamSPSent to Minors
Mar 12, 2018Austin MeadowsCFSent to Minors
Mar 12, 2018Clay HolmesRPSent to Minors
Mar 12, 2018Jack LeathersichRPSent to Minors
Mar 9, 2018Luis EscobarSPSent to Minors
Feb 24, 2018Kevin SiegristRPSigned to a Minor League Contract
Feb 22, 2018Corey DickersonLFTraded From, Tampa Bay (for RHP Daniel Hudson, 3-player deal)
Feb 21, 2018Michael SaundersRFSigned to a Minor League Contract, (opted out)
Feb 20, 2018Bryce BrentzLFTraded From, Boston (for cash considerations)
Feb 20, 2018Nick BurdiRPPlaced on 60-Day DL, (Recovery from right elbow surgery)
Feb 6, 2018Daniel NavaRFSigned to a Minor League Contract
Jan 31, 2018Josh SmokerRPTraded From, NY Mets (for LHP Daniel Zamora)
Jan 27, 2018Nik TurleySPSuspension Announced By League, (80 games for violating MLB drug program)
Jan 27, 2018Nik TurleySPStarting to Serve Illegal Substance Suspension
Jan 22, 2018Ryan LavarnwayCSigned to a Minor League Contract
Jan 18, 2018Felipe VazquezRPSigned, ( 2018-2021; Opt 2022-2023)(four-year extension)
Jan 15, 2018Kyle CrickRPTraded From, San Francisco (for OF Andrew McCutchen)
Jan 13, 2018Colin Moran3BTraded From, Houston (for RHP Gerrit Cole, five-player deal)
Jan 13, 2018Engelb VielmaSSDesignated for Assignment
Jan 13, 2018Joe MusgroveSPTraded From, Houston (for RHP Gerrit Cole, five-player deal)
Jan 13, 2018Michael FelizRPTraded From, Houston (for RHP Gerrit Cole, five-player deal)
Jan 13, 2018Shane CarleRPDesignated for Assignment
Jan 12, 2018George KontosRPSigned, ( 2018)(avoids arbitration)
Jan 12, 2018Gerrit ColeSPSigned, ( 2018)(avoids arbitration)
Jan 12, 2018Jordy MercerSSSigned, ( 2018)(avoids arbitration)
Jan 5, 2018Bo SchultzRPSigned to a Minor League Contract
Jan 4, 2018Johnny BarbatoRPDesignated for Assignment
Jan 4, 2018Shane CarleRPAcquired Off Waivers From, Colorado
Dec 14, 2017Damien MagnificoRPDrafted Via Rule 5 from Minors, (Triple-A phase)
Dec 14, 2017Nick BurdiRPTraded From, Philadelphia (for international slot money)
Dec 11, 2017Engelb VielmaSSAcquired Off Waivers From, Philadelphia
Dec 7, 2017Richard RodriguezRPSigned to a Minor League Contract
Dec 7, 2017Todd CunninghamLFSigned to a Minor League Contract
Nov 30, 2017Angel SanchezSigned to Play in Korea, (SK Wyverns)
Nov 30, 2017Angel SanchezCleared Waivers and Became a Free Agent
Nov 27, 2017Angel SanchezReleased
Nov 27, 2017Sam MollRPAcquired Off Waivers From, Oakland
Nov 20, 2017Austin MeadowsCFPurchased From Minors
Nov 20, 2017Luis EscobarSPPurchased From Minors
Nov 6, 2017Dan RunzlerRPRefused Minor League Assignment - Free Agent
Nov 6, 2017Dan RunzlerRPOutrighted to Minors
Nov 6, 2017Josh Harrison2BRemoved From 60-Day DL, (Fractured metacarpal, left hand)
Nov 6, 2017Nik TurleySPAcquired Off Waivers From, Minnesota
Nov 3, 2017Andrew McCutchenLFSigned, ( 2018)(team option exercised)
Nov 3, 2017Chris StewartCDeclared Free Agency, (team option declined)
Nov 3, 2017Wade LeBlancRPOutrighted to Minors
Nov 2, 2017Joaquin BenoitRPDeclared Free Agency
Nov 2, 2017John JasoRFDeclared Free Agency
2018 Team Leaders
AVGCorey Dickerson , LF.306
HRGregory Polanco , RF5
RBIGregory Polanco , RF15
OBPStarling Marte , CF.374
SLGStarling Marte , CF.494
RStarling Marte , CF16
SBStarling Marte , CF6
WTrevor Williams , SP3
ERATrevor Williams , SP1.93
WHIPJameson Taillon , SP0.91
KIvan Nova , SP25
SVFelipe Vazquez , RP5

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