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Robert Drysdale's failure to listen to Max Rohskopf at UFC Fight Night: Blaydes vs. Volkov could result in disciplinary action. Drysdale repeatedly ignored Rohskopf's requests to stop the fight before the third round of Rohskopf's bout with Austin Hubbard, leading a Nevada State Athletic Commission official to signal to the referee and doctor to check on the 25-year-old, at which point Rohskopf said "call it" and the fight was stopped.

"That's something we will take a look at," NSAC executive director Bob Bennett told ESPN. "We might want to take disciplinary action on them. That doesn't sound like they are looking out for a fighter. Obviously, he didn't want to come out."

Rohskopf took the fight with Hubbard on short notice, entering the fight as a promising, undefeated prospect, but one who was still very young in his fighting career. As damage accumulated and the fight appeared to be getting out of hand, Rohskopf asked Drysdale to call the fight off nine times, with Drysdale refusing and attempting to encourage his fighter to press ahead.

Drysdale came under fire for refusing to listen to a fighter who was telling him he did not want to continue in a fight where he was damaged and exhausted. The coach has since defended his actions, releasing a video statement on Instagram.

"He wasn't seriously hurt," Drysdale said. "I know he was not in harm's way. He was just frustrated. I was trying to give him a push so he overcame that frustration. I still believe he could have won the fight. I felt he won the first round. I don't see how he lost the first round. He definitely lost [the second] round. I think he thought he could've turned it in the third. Even if not in an exciting matter, he could have won a decision. That's what I was trying to get him to do."

Drysdale also claimed he, "called the fight at the very last second. I did the right thing. I exhausted the 60 seconds and at the very last second, I called it." Though the video shows Drysdale not calling for the fight to be stopped until his fighter told the official he did not want to continue.

Bennett did not state when the commission would review Drysdale's actions, saying, "It may come up in a future hearing. We will take an official look at it."