As the world continues to deal with the coronavirus outbreak, UFC star Conor McGregor is doing his best to help out. McGregor pledged to purchase €1 million worth of protective gear for hospitals in Ireland on Tuesday. He posted a video on Instagram begging the Irish government to institute a "full lockdown" in the wake of the COVID-19 virus.  

"Any time spent debating this is needless time off the clock," McGregor said. "I know a good, tough fight when I see one, and we have one on our hands now."

McGregor also reached out to Ireland minister of finance Paschal Donohoe via text message. Donohoe wants McGregor to continue to encourage his fans and the people of Ireland to socially distance themselves during this time.

"Today, I am purchasing myself, €1 million euro worth of personal protective equipment to be deployed to all of the fighting hospitals in the Leinster region," McGregor said in the text message exchange with Donohoe. "Our most affected region, to this date.

"Where would we be without these brave men and women, I do not know. May God bless over them and keep them safe."

McGregor is doing everything that he can to help protect the citizens of his own country. Obviously, the coronavirus outbreak is something that the entire world is dealing with and any influence from someone of McGregor's stature has to be viewed as a positive.