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Elon Musk vs. Mark Zuckerberg is no joke. At least, according to UFC president Dana White who says the two billionaires are serious about fighting inside the Octagon.

The absurdity started on Wednesday after Twitter boss Musk proposed a "cage match" against the Facebook co-founder. Zuckerberg responded on Instagram, a Meta-owned social media platform, and seemingly accepted Musk's challenge.

Instagram/Mark Zuckerberg

A Meta spokesperson said "the story speaks for itself" when contacted by BBC. Musk replied to a tweet detailing the story and proposed a fight in a "Vegas Octagon." The Octagon is the official name for the mixed martial arts cage used by the UFC. White claims he has been in contact with Musk and Zuckerberg about the proposed fight.

"[I] talked with Mark and Elon last night," White told TMZ Sports on Thursday. "Both guys are absolutely dead serious about this.

"The biggest fight of all time was Floyd [Mayweather] and Conor [McGregor], I just think it triples that -- it triples what that did, there's no limit on what that thing can make."

White's perceived interest in the fight makes sense financially, but it's rich considering White recently lamented boxers for pursuing gimmicky fights such as Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz and a rumored Francis Ngannou vs. Deontay Wilder bout.

"That's one of the big problems with boxing right now," White said at a press conference in May. "It's all about these gimmicky-type fights. And that's just not what I do here. I put on fights with the best fighters in the world and fights that people want to see."

Zuckerberg has been reaching into the MMA bubble lately as a fan who trains in martial arts disciplines. Zuckerberg has been spotted cageside at UFC events and recently competed in a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu event.