On Thursday, UFC president Dana White announced that UFC 249 has been postponed in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. White revealed that Disney and ESPN executives urged him to cancel the event that had been moved from Barclays Center Brooklyn to a California resort on an Indian reservation.

During Friday's installment of "Nothing Personal with David Samson," David Samson discussed UFC 249 being canceled and thinks that White is showcasing poor judgment in how he leads the company.

"During times like this, you need leaders and you need leadership," Samson said. "Dana White has shown neither the ability to lead nor the qualities of leadership required to come out of this in a better condition than when you went in it. Some companies are not going to survive and it's going to be solely based on leadership."

After feeling the pressure from the brass at Disney and ESPN, White caved and decided to postpone all UFC events indefinitely. However, he still believes that the promotion will follow through on its "fight island" idea for international events in the future.

While the world obviously wants sports to return in the near future, it's not worth having sporting events that would compromise the health of fighters, coaches, officials, and others that would have to appear at a UFC event.