UFC women's featherweight champion Germaine de Randamie remains an enigma. The "Iron Lady" currently holds the 145-pound belt after beating Holly Holm in February, but has yet to book a title defense. According to de Randamie, she is battling a hand injury and is expected to know more after a doctor's appointment next month, but even if she's cleared to fight, de Randamie said she plans on going back to 135 pounds to fight.

"During the negotiations on the battle with Holly Holm, I said in advance that after this fight I want to return to my natural weight class of (135 pounds). My task has not been completed yet," de Randamie wrote on Instagram. "The UFC has promised me that this would be no problem and I can just return to my natural weight class. This is why I am focusing on this moment."  

According to MMAJunkie, UFC wanted to book de Randamie vs. Cris "Cyborg" Justino for UFC 214 at the end of July, but de Randamie's manager said on Friday she will not fight against a "known cheat."

"My reason to reject the fight now has nothing but nothing at all to do with my fear," de Randamie said. "I believe that if you want to do sports you do this without any means that can affect the muscle mass. I – as a top athlete – always trained, always watched my food and put 18 years of my life on sports, without using just one means that is not allowed."

De Randamie's manager went so far as to say the 145-pound champ is willing to have her title stripped if that's the only fight UFC wants to make for her.

All of this has become such a mess that unless de Randamie is able to defend her title this summer, UFC should just call it quits on the women's featherweight division. The inaugural belt came along because the company had no other options for a PPV main event at the time and delivered a less-than-adequate product to its fans. 

"Cyborg" has wanted to fight for the belt for over two years, yet keeps getting hit with roadblocks. And besides her, who else is there for de Randamie to fight? Holm is already booked for a fight at 135 and it doesn't seem like there's a bevy of worthy opponents in the division now. Hell, they've only had a handful of women's fights above the 135-pound limit so far and the majority have involved "Cyborg."

If they can't get this figured out, it's time to move on.