Kickboxer gets knocked out cold while not paying attention, foe assaulted by fans

Kickboxer Harut Grogian has seen better days. In the middle of his match Saturday against Murthel Groenhart as a part of Glory Kickboxing 42, Grogian was not doing well before all hell broke loose.

Groenhart landed a knee on Grigorian and Grigorian started to walk away from his opponent with time still on the clock in the round. Groenhart followed Grigorian to his corner and cold-clocked him on the chin from behind, leaving Grigorian limp in a heap on the floor. As that happened, fans of Grigorian attacked Groenhart as masses of people entered the ring amid the chaos.

The reverse angle from the crowd shows Groenhart getting punched by fans who jumped into the ring from their seats.

The punch appeared to legal and the ref did nothing to signal the round was over or time was taken out. I have no idea what Grigorian was thinking, but defending yourself at all times in a fight reached a new level on Saturday.

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