LOOK: Conor McGregor correctly predicted he would win multiple UFC titles

Conor McGregor has an alter ego. The Irishman tends to get into character during press conferences for his upcoming fights and refers to himself as "Mystic Mac," predicting in which round he will stop his opponent.

He's been right more times than he's been wrong (just like his career) and, well, McGregor may want to go ahead and open a clairvoyant shop after this prediction.

Back in 2014 when he was just getting his start in UFC, McGregor seemed to be setting a lofty goal. Now, it's almost a threat.

McGregor held two titles while fighting in Britain before joining UFC -- the featherweight and lightweight titles. Since making that prediction, McGregor is 8-1 in UFC. Now, he has those two belts and is demanding a piece of the corporate pie. We'll see if that comes true, but McGregor ever-so-gently reminded us of how damn good he is at all of us on Monday.

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