Mark Hunt rips Jon Jones-Brock Lesnar talk: 'The two biggest cheaters in the world'

While fans of mixed martial arts and pro wrestling might be excited at the idea of a UFC superfight that has been recently thrown around by Jon Jones and Brock Lesnar, not everyone shares the same opinion.

Lesnar (5-3), 40, currently the WWE's universal champion, would need to formally come out of retirement and re-enter USADA's six-month drug testing pool in order to be eligible for a UFC return. He would also need to finish serving the final five months of his one-year USADA suspension dating back to a pair of failed drug tests at UFC 200 last July. 

If you're wondering what Lesnar's opponent last summer for his "one-off" UFC return thinks about the idea of "The Beast" returning for a fight against Jones that could challenge UFC's record for pay-per-view buys, veteran heavyweight Mark Hunt is understandably not happy. 

"I wouldn't want to waste my f---ing time watching that s---," said Hunt, who called Jones and Lesnar "the two biggest cheaters in the world" during an appearance Tuesday on the "Real Quick with Mike Swick" podcast.

Hunt (13-11-1), 43, was outwrestled over three rounds in a unanimous decision loss to Lesnar. But the fight was changed to a no contest after Lesnar twice tested positive for the anti-estrogen agent clomiphene. Along with the suspension, Lesnar was fined $250,000 of his reported $2.5 million purse. 

Jones (23-1) also failed a drug test ahead of his UFC 200 main event rematch with Daniel Cormier (testing positive for clomiphene and Letrozole) and was pulled from the card. After serving a one-year USADA suspension, Jones returned at UFC 214 in July to knockout Cormier before grabbing the microphone and challenging Lesnar. 

"Look at these f---ers. You've got Jon Jones, for instance. That guy is the best, one of the best fighters in the world but he's a cheater," Hunt said. "[Jones is] just like Brock Lesnar, you're all a pack of frickin' dog cheats, that's all you are. Nothing else.

"So now the two f---ing biggest cheaters in the world are going to fight! Oh f--- … I'm not gonna waste my money watching two cheaters fight. Why would I? They're cheaters in the end. That's basically all they are. They should get nothing. I used to respect Jon Jones before this but I don't respect him after this. When you get caught for doping, and he got caught for the same dope that Lesnar did, you shouldn't -- he's not a martial artist, none of them are. They get no respect from me. None."

Hunt went on to file a civil lawsuit against Lesnar, UFC and president Dana White alleging racketeering, fraud, negligence and breach of contract. The lawsuit survived UFC's motion to dismiss in June, with Hunt claiming UFC knew Lesnar was using performance-enhancing drugs ahead of his return and controversially waived their then four-month testing window. 

Although Hunt believes USADA is attempting to clean up the sport, he also believes their penalties haven't deterred anyone from attempting to cheat. 

"I think the penalties should be enforced," Hunt said. "There's penalties there, but they're not really enforcing them. They're not enforcing them to make them think twice. Guys nowadays, like that fool Brock Lesnar that I fought, he's a f---ing idiot. Not right now. I'm the idiot right now, but he's the one that's a loser in the end because he's the one that cheated.

"At the end of the day, he weighed up the options. He said, 'I'm gonna fight this fight and I'll probably make about $15-20 million. I'll get caught. I'll probably have to pay a $250,000 fine, or $500,000 or whatever it is and I'll walk away.' He's back again already!"

Lesnar, whose part-time WWE contract reportedly expires next April after WrestleMania 34, would need permission from his current employer in order to return to MMA. In light of the timing surrounding what's left of his USADA suspension (which was put on pause when Lesnar officially retired a second time in February), he wouldn't be eligible to return until 2018. 

"Cheating is nothing to be proud of," Hunt said. "That's the wrong message. We don't allow that as a society so why do we allow that, especially in fighting? Fighting is you hurting people."

Hunt, after the loss to Lesnar, returned to the Octagon in March and was knocked out in the third round by Alistair Overeem at UFC 209. Hunt bounced back in June to stop rising prospect Derrick Lewis via fourth-round TKO. 

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