UFC 207: It's time to close the book on Ronda Rousey's MMA career

It comes and goes in an instant. Life can be tough like that sometimes. One minute, you have the world at your feet. The next, it's kicking you while laughing.

Welcome to the latter, Ronda Rousey. The fight game is considered one of the toughest ecosystems in our society. Bernard Hopkins learned it the hard way two weeks ago. Ronda Rousey learned it in 48 seconds on Friday against the younger, stronger version of herself.

Rousey didn't just get beat, she never had a chance. Instead of utilizing the ground game that made her famous, "Rowdy" decided to stand and trade blows with Amanda Nunes.

Strike one.

Rousey's shield was cracked. The figurative armor that surrounded her through 12 fights and 12 stoppages to start her career was gone, replaced with the frail skin that covers us all.

Strike two.

Nunes saw the vulnerability and smirked. She knew it was over 20 seconds into the fight. Rousey is human after all.

Strike three.

The woman who walked through opponents with the ease of a truck towing a trailer now tows three tons of fear and angst. Rousey might have been the best in the world, but that might as well have been three decades ago.

To lose in the fashion that she has in consecutive fights, just looking plain silly while getting pummeled into oblivion, needs to be a sign that a change is needed immediately.

For her own sake, I hope Ronda never steps into the octagon again. It's bad enough to have the sad memory her getting stopped twice in absolutely dominant fashion, but to try and to it again at that high a level would be the end of her career in more than just fighting.

The time in the spotlight can be so fleeting that it's tough not to chase it forever. The greatest fighters of all time are notorious for hanging on too long.

For Ronda, I hope she gets out while she still has her senses.

As for Nunes, it doesn't get much better than stopping two of the most legendary fighters in women's MMA back to back and both in the first round.

The new generation of women's fighter is here and she's ready to roar.

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